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Are you a UK-based senior professional with expertise in our areas of work? Learn how you can join our growing team.
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What We Offer

Work on exciting innovation projects with ambitious professionals and volunteers in our team. Become a role model for young people and a trusted advisor to our clients.

It is more than just a job. Together we can start a movement and change many lives.


Experience in any of the following areas and genuine passion for inspiring young people.
Youth Market
Product & Service
Talent Strategy

I am a student/recent graduate. Can I join?

Currently we do not hire interns or entry level-professionals but you can join our team as a pro bono consultant. This is our flagship programme. Please visit:

I currently work full-time. Can I join?

Yes. We provide flexible ways of working — some of our experts continue to keep their day jobs. Send your application and let us tell you how we can collaborate.

I am not living in the UK. Can I join?

Currently we recruit experienced professionals based in the UK. This being said we work to set up branches in other major cities as early as possible. Please continue to check our website for latest updates.

Do I need to have prior consulting experience?

No. We welcome applicants from different industry backgrounds and intellectual disciplines.

What will happen once I submit an application?

We will carefully review your application and contact you to arrange an exploratory meeting if you have professional expertise in our areas of work. This will be an opportunity to get to know each other. You may then be invited to attend a formal interview. 

Our team has developed a smooth recruitment and onboarding process.

Do you currently accept applications?

Yes. Applications are open year round.
Meet Our
  • Patrick Cheong-See
    Patrick Cheong-See is an ex-Accenture, Ogilvy Consulting and Prophet consultant with over a decade of experience.
  • Steve Wayman
    Steve Wayman is a veteran executive who managed multi-billion pound corporations in the oil and gas industry.
  • Gozde Scholtz
    Gozde Scholtz
    Spanning a career of 15+ years in marketing, Gozde Scholtz held managerial positions at many large FMCG companies.
  • Layla West - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Layla West
    A senior marketing strategist with 15+ years of experience, Layla West has vast expertise in youth marketing.
  • Ahmet Topcuoglu
    Ahmet Topcuoglu
    Former Youth Segment Marketing Manager of Vodafone, Ahmet Topcuoglu has 18 years of experience at global brands.
  • Gulen Guigaz
    Gulen Guigaz
    Gulen Guigaz is an expert in consumer research and strategy who spent twenty successful years at Kantar Group.
  • Arda Awais - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Arda Awais
    Arda Awais is a creative professional specialising in designing digital products and seamless user experiences.
  • Bronte Culleton - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Bronte Culleton
    Currently working at TikTok, Bronte Culleton is a marketing strategist with demonstrated expertise in student marketing.
  • Leyla Onal
    Leyla Onal
    Leyla Onal is a social scientist with vast commercial experience in quantitative and qualitative market research.
  • Nur Karadeniz - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Nur Karadeniz
    Nur Karadeniz is a distinguished expert in service design, user experience architecture and digital product innovation.
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