Client Confidentiality

All our team members, including pro bono consultants, respect the confidential nature of our relationship with clients and adhere to rigorous policies. We have a duty to protect your confidentiality.

No breach of confidentiality since our founding.

Our team is committed to high standards of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality in everything we do. We take a series of measures to protect any confidential information coming to our knowledge:
Before we start any assignment, every individual associated with that particular project signs a strict confidentiality agreement. The legal agreement prohibits all team members from disclosing information of a confidential nature and we provide additional training when needed, educating them on their specific duties of conduct over client confidentiality.
This covers all confidential information, including client names, RFPs, invitations to tender, project proposals, project deliverables, client-specific quantitative data sets, internal client documents, drafts, briefs and any other material or information provided by clients concerning their plans. Any breach of this agreement would be taken seriously and every effort would be made to ameliorate any impact this might have on our clients.
We use confidential client information only for agreed purposes and never disclose any reference which may reveal the identity of our clients unless otherwise discussed.
We clearly communicate our expectations on confidentiality with all our team members and partners, periodically review our policies, and actively encourage our people to raise ethical concerns and confidentiality.
Although we are certain that our stringent policies are fully aligned with the changing business environment and best-practice standards, we nonetheless appreciate the need for added security. This is why we can gladly sign additional non-disclosure agreements upon request. Please also note that we do not undertake projects which would present a conflict of interest or dishonour pre-existing client obligations.

We are dedicated to safeguarding your data and upholding confidentiality. If you would like to know more about our policies, please contact us.
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