Building a youth sub-brand in the footwear market
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We worked with a footwear brand that has been manufacturing shoes and slippers for five decades. They produce 75+ million pairs of shoes per year.
Once landed on Time Magazine’s 50 Worst Inventions list, American footwear company Crocs Inc. came back from the brink of bankruptcy and re-emerged as a stylish brand, particularly embraced by Gen Z. The firm now expects sales to hit $5 billion by 2026. Our client was looking to replicate this success.
It was clear that we had to launch a sub-brand aimed at teens and twentysomethings but the client had to avoid being a copycat at the same time.

This is why our project began with extensive research on young consumers in the target market to validate several assumptions. Our findings most specifically confirmed that Zoomers want customisable and 'Instagrammable' products and revealed how we could make the new brand appealing to a young audience.

Working closely with a group of creative young people, our experts then went on to developing a brand identity and go-to-market strategy for this initiative. In particular, we helped the client team build brand authenticity, use social media effectively and form collaborations with a select number of micro-influencers and local artists.
Our client successfully launched a youth-focused brand with a unique DNA. All sales targets were met and the social media campaigns gained millions of organic impressions. The subsidiary brand operates alongside the group's core business and currently accounts for over 10% of their revenue. We meet the client from time to time to monitor the progress.
Ahmet Topcuoglu
Ahmet Topcuoglu
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Layla West
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