Building smart gadgets for Millennial parents
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We worked with a hardware startup developing products for babies and parents. The firm's total capital raised to date stands at £5.3 million.
The client already had a range of popular products, including baby toys, breastfeeding accessories and self-rocking cradles. They were ready to introduce more sophisticated products to make parenthood less frantic and arduous. The founder asked us to help create the next generation of baby products for tech-loving young parents.
The project was initiated with a thorough review of hundreds of baby products and parenting gadgets to spot trends and gaps in the market. In the next phase, our integrated team of consumer researchers and product designers worked with a group of new parents to generate product ideas.

Through a series of interviews, in-home immersions and co-creation workshops, we discovered customer pain points. Using choice-based conjoint analysis, our team determined which product features are valued by Millennial parents and the optimal price points.

Later, we collaborated with the client team to create 3D product mockups. These digital representations were used to communicate our vision and to get further input from users. This allowed our team to come up with four different product concepts.
Armed with these insights, our client set out to create smart products for a tech-savvy generation of young parents. Three of the product concepts we developed have gone into production. The result was a sizeable uplift in revenue and a 18x return on our fees. We were re-engaged by the client in the following year.
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Arda Awais
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Gozde Scholtz
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