Creating a local employer brand for an American firm
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We worked with a US company that offers assurance, tax and accounting services globally. Their European HQ was recently established in London.
This financial services company had bold plans to vastly expand its UK operations. Yet their executives in London were unable to smoothly implement these plans because the company was struggling to recruit high-calibre junior associates and interns. This was puzzling since the client is a top graduate employer in the United States.
We were brought in to help the company attract top graduates from British universities. Initially, we held conversations with nearly all employees at the firm's London office and their HR leaders based in Chicago. This enabled us to analyse the work culture, talent strategy and employer branding efforts in place.

Additionally, our team invited the employees to join an idea contest and help us find ways to boost engagement and productivity in the workplace.

We then conducted external research to find out what recent UK graduates expect from employers and how they view the client. Over 3,000 responses were received. This also revealed the recruitment channels and methods our client should use to form authentic connections with young Londoners.

Based on our analysis, we built candidate personas and started a discussion on how the client team can develop a reliable graduate talent pipeline in the UK.
Our consultants established a detailed plan to help the client create an EVP tailored to local need and make their entry-level employees feel appreciated. This required a number of fundamental changes. Junior associates are now allowed to interact with customers more than ever, for example. Our work encouraged the company to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace as well.

Secondly, we helped the client streamline their hiring and onboarding processes in the UK and deliver a better candidate experience across all touchpoints.

As a final point, we produced a new narrative to help our client tell an employer brand story that resonates with recent UK graduates. They launched a unique employer branding campaign with our help and managed to fill all their job openings soon after.
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