Developing a sought-after graduate training scheme
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We worked with a multi-disciplinary engineering firm. Under the leadership of a newly appointed CEO, the company was set to launch its first graduate scheme.
Even though the client already had fresh graduates in its workforce, there wasn't an established graduate programme in place. The company's senior leaders across departments had come to the conclusion that this was hindering their growth. As part of a strategy to become a more attractive and inclusive employer, they hired us to help them create the scheme.
Our team set the tone for the project by establishing the objectives and outlining a detailed plan of action. At first, we analysed all popular graduate schemes in the UK to learn from other organisations. We then began to explore what makes a successful graduate programme from a young person's point of view and how we can effectively promote the scheme. 

Extensive research was required. We reached out to thousands of university students and new graduates in London. Our consultants also ran a series of focus groups and co-creation sessions with young people to come up with out-of-the-box ideas for our scheme and launch campaign.

All the findings were shared with our client. Together we developed the scheme and a promotion strategy that goes beyond traditional recruitment methods.

Prior to the launch of the programme, we asked our client to communicate the importance of the scheme with internal stakeholders and get everyone behind it. In fact, we worked with the client team to build an employee advocacy programme, which encourages the firm's employees to authentically share their own stories about the company online.

In the final phase, our consulting team put forward a set of recommendations to help the company foster camaraderie and diversity in the workplace, motivate junior employees and engage Gen Z talent.
The new graduate scheme was announced on time. Along with our partners, we supported the client to start a year-long talent acquisition campaign as well. Today the company is recognised as a top graduate employer in the UK.
Esra Canderler - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Esra Canderler
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Asu Demirdelen - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Asu Demirdelen
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