Product Innovation

  • How can we invent
    the next big thing in
    the youth market?
  • What products and
    services do young 
    people demand?
  • How can young
    consumers help us
    develop products?
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Produce what
young consumers
really want

Millennials and Gen Z are the largest consumer group in the world. They have immense purchasing power and increasingly unique demands.

Create services, physical products and digital tools together with young people. Thrive in the youth market.
Identify demands and
latent needs of young
Develop product and
service concepts with
young people.
Validate concepts
with real users and
make iterations.
Design and test
prototypes with
our experts.


Competitive Product
User Experience
Product Concept
Prototyping +
Product Mockups
Usability Testing
Conjoint +
MaxDiff Analysis
Association Tests
Sensory Analysis +
Eye Tracking
Branding + Visual
Identity Design
Product Launch
  • Melissa Yacoub - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Melissa Yacoub
    Melissa Yacoub is an innovation consultant and entrepreneur who was named in the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 list.
  • Arda Awais - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Arda Awais
    Arda Awais is a creative professional specialising in designing digital products and seamless user experiences.
  • Nur Karadeniz - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Nur Karadeniz
    Nur Karadeniz is a distinguished expert in service design, user experience architecture and digital product innovation.
  • Canberk Beker - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Canberk Beker
    A tech-savvy growth hacker, Canberk Beker has years of experience in user acquisition and demand generation.
  • Ismail Berkan - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
    Ismail Berkan
    A Stanford-educated innovation expert, Ismail Berkan has served global corporates like PwC and over a hundred tech start-ups.
  • Building smart gadgets for Millennial parents
    A VC-backed startup was on a mission to invent high-tech baby products thoughtfully designed for the new wave of parents. 
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  • Improving student mental health with a mobile app
    A university, software development agency and our team joined forces to create a mental health app that students would actually use.
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  • Designing a membership plan tailored for students
    A professional association has diversified its membership base by introducing a new membership grade for junior members.
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