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Succeed in your next market.
Our clients prosper in new markets as they gain a deeper understanding of their target markets and mitigate risks.
Market Assessment
To discover immediate opportunities in different markets and regions, we begin with an analysis of market characteristics, socio-economic conditions and industry trends in both developed and emerging countries. We also contact local industry professionals and consumers based in foreign markets to gain further insights.

Once this extensive research process is completed, we work with our clients to agree on the market(s) they could target.
Competitor Analysis
Following the initial assessment, we profile and analyse potential future competitors to recognise where the market is saturated. We identify unmet market needs and help you avoid harmful competition whilst entering new markets.
VoC Research
Our consultants thereafter start to develop an in-depth understanding of customers in the target market(s) through voice of the customer (VoC) studies. We use a variety of data collection and analysis methods, from ethnography to social listening, and create detailed customer personas. This is useful for both B2B and B2C companies.
Go-to-Market Strategy
Our go-to-market strategy proposals help clients understand the complexities of their target markets and hedge investments against challenges. Working with client teams, we select the optimal mode of entry considering multiple scenarios and help them find reliable partners in local markets.

In addition, we examine similar decisions made by other organisations in the past to learn what is needed for a smooth entry.

Results you can expect

Market Penetration
Allure a greater number of customers in your next market.
Market Entry Success
Increase your chances of successfully entering new markets.
Global Reach
Venture into thriving markets across the world and scale up.
Return on Investment
Get more out of your investment in new markets with savvy decisions.
  • Disrupting the American translation industry
    A language services provider with an innovative business model needed a clear expansion strategy to break into the US market.
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