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Find ideal M&A candidates.
We work with companies, private equity funds and venture capitalists that don't want to miss great M&A opportunities.
M&A Strategy Review
Our work begins with a discussion on your objectives and acquisition rationale. This allows us to define what precisely you want to achieve. We chart out a detailed M&A roadmap, aligned with your investment strategy, and develop an objective set of criteria to find potential acquisition targets. 
Target Search
We then start to examine a vast number of organisations in relevant industry segments and markets to discover M&A candidates. Our consultants initially draw up a long list of possible targets. Once we evaluate each candidate in detail, we proceed to compile a short list of attractive targets.
M&A Landscape Review
At the same time, we examine M&A trends and recent activities of successful acquirers. We also analyse your competitors with a focus on their acquisitions and divestitures. This is to learn from other players.
Target Selection
To choose acquisition targets that are entirely consistent with your M&A strategy, we systematically analyse the strategic fit between you and investment candidates. Our consultants generate a ranking of the targets and produce reports to present our observations and candidate profiles. 

Additionally, we have the ability to help strengthen your in-house capabilities for finding acquisition targets and to support your post-merger integration efforts.

Results you can expect

Smart Investments
Make the right investments — whether you take a majority or minority stake.
M&A Intelligence
Access a wider selection of acquisition targets and stay on top of M&A trends.
Reduced Risk
Follow a methodical approach from the start and avoid M&A failures.
Inorganic Growth
Build new growth engines to scale your business further and faster.
  • Accelerating growth in the T&L sector through M&A
    A large company offering freight and haulage services in the transport and logistics sector was on a journey to find acquisition targets.
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