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who have worked with many leading brands.

Steve Wayman
Steve Wayman is a veteran executive who managed multi-billion pound corporations in the oil and gas industry.
Patrick Cheong-See
Patrick Cheong-See is an ex-Accenture, Ogilvy Consulting and Prophet consultant with over a decade of experience. 
Gulen Guigaz
Gulen Guigaz
Gulen Guigaz is an expert in consumer research and strategy who spent twenty successful years at Kantar Group.
Ahmet Topcuoglu
Ahmet Topcuoglu
Former Youth Segment Marketing Manager of Vodafone, Ahmet Topcuoglu has 18 years of experience at global brands.
Pinar Wright - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Pinar Wright
Pinar Wright is an accomplished HR leader who notably helped Aon UK become a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer in 2018.
Nur Karadeniz - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Nur Karadeniz
Nur Karadeniz is a distinguished expert in service design, user experience architecture and digital product innovation.
Asu Demirdelen
Asu Demirdelen
Asu Demirdelen is a former HR Business Partner of EY with expertise in employer branding, diversity and inclusion.
Gozde Scholtz
Gozde Scholtz
Spanning a career of 15+ years in marketing, Gozde Scholtz held managerial positions at many large FMCG companies.
Farnaz Mahootchi
Farnaz Mahootchi
A senior brand manager, Farnaz Mahootchi has about 20 years of experience at BAT and an MBA from London Business School.
Leyla Onal
Leyla Onal
Leyla Onal is a social scientist with vast commercial experience in quantitative and qualitative market research.
Ismail Berkan - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Ismail Berkan
A Stanford-educated innovation expert, Ismail Berkan has served global corporates like PwC and over 150 tech start-ups.
Melissa Yacoub - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Melissa Yacoub
Melissa Yacoub is an innovation consultant and entrepreneur who was named in the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 list.
Gamze Arslan
Gamze Arslan
Gamze Arslan is a proficient market researcher who worked with the likes of Kantar, Nielsen and Ipsos for 10+ years.
Canberk Beker
Canberk Beker
A tech-savvy growth hacker, Canberk Beker has years of experience in user acquisition and demand generation.
Djan Suphi
Djan Suphi
Djan Suphi has 20+ years of experience in various senior roles at BP and ExxonMobil and an MBA from Boston University.
Dr. Gaia Franzetti
Dr. Gaia Franzetti
A biomedical engineer with a PhD from UCL, Dr. Gaia Franzetti has been a vital part of our team since 2018.
Javad Golzari - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Javad Golzari
Javad Golzari is our Managing Director and responsible for the day-to-day operations of First Step Consulting.
Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr is a senior executive at a national UK law firm and a long-standing member of our Advisory Board.
Yasmin Ibrahim
Yasmin Ibrahim
Our Head of Communications, Yasmin Ibrahim is a linguist who has studied English at the University of Oxford and KCL.
Sebastian Greulich
Sebastian Greulich
A Former VP of J.P. Morgan, Sebastian Greulich is a Finance & Strategy Lead at Square Inc. and the CFO of a tech startup.
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