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who have worked with many leading brands.

Steve Wayman
Steve Wayman is a veteran executive who managed multi-billion pound corporations in the oil and gas industry.
Patrick Cheong-See
Patrick Cheong-See is an ex-Accenture, Ogilvy Consulting and Prophet consultant with over a decade of experience. 
Layla West - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Layla West
A senior marketing strategist with 15+ years of experience, Layla West has vast expertise in youth marketing.
Arda Awais - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Arda Awais
Arda Awais is a creative professional specialising in designing digital products and seamless user experiences.
Esra Canderler - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Esra Canderler
Previously a Senior Global HR Business Partner at Vodafone, Esra Canderler has led many employer branding initiatives.
Ismail Berkan - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Ismail Berkan
A Stanford-educated innovation expert, Ismail Berkan has served global corporates like PwC and over a hundred tech start-ups.
Gulen Guigaz - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Gulen Guigaz
Gulen Guigaz is an expert in consumer research and strategy who spent twenty successful years at Kantar Group.
Nur Karadeniz - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Nur Karadeniz
Nur Karadeniz is a distinguished expert in service design, user experience architecture and digital product innovation.
Ahmet Topcuoglu - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Ahmet Topcuoglu
Former Youth Segment Marketing Manager of Vodafone, Ahmet Topcuoglu has 18 years of experience at global brands.
Farnaz Mahootchi
Farnaz Mahootchi
A senior brand manager, Farnaz Mahootchi has about 20 years of experience at BAT and an MBA from London Business School.
Gozde Scholtz - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Gozde Scholtz
Spanning a career of 15+ years in marketing, Gozde Scholtz held managerial positions at many large FMCG companies.
Leyla Onal - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Leyla Onal
Leyla Onal is a social scientist with vast commercial experience in quantitative and qualitative market research.
Pinar Wright - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Pinar Wright
Pinar Wright is an accomplished HR leader who notably helped Aon UK become a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer in 2018.
Melissa Yacoub - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Melissa Yacoub
Melissa Yacoub is an innovation consultant and entrepreneur who was named in the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 list.
Canberk Beker - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Canberk Beker
A tech-savvy growth hacker, Canberk Beker has years of experience in user acquisition and demand generation.
Gamze Arslan - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Gamze Arslan
Gamze Arslan is a proficient market researcher who worked with the likes of Kantar, Nielsen and Ipsos for 10+ years.
Djan Suphi
Djan Suphi
Djan Suphi has 20+ years of experience in various senior roles at BP and ExxonMobil and an MBA from Boston University.
Dr. Gaia Franzetti
Dr. Gaia Franzetti
A biomedical engineer with a PhD from UCL, Dr. Gaia Franzetti has been a vital part of our team since 2018.
Javad Golzari - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Javad Golzari
Javad Golzari is our Managing Director and responsible for the day-to-day operations of First Step Consulting.
Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr is a senior executive at a national UK law firm and a long-standing member of our Advisory Board.
Yasmin Ibrahim - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Yasmin Ibrahim
Our Head of Communications, Yasmin Ibrahim is a linguist who has studied English at the University of Oxford and KCL.
Sebastian Greulich - First Step Consulting - FSC Global
Sebastian Greulich
A Former VP of J.P. Morgan, Sebastian Greulich is a Finance & Strategy Lead at Square Inc. and the CFO of a tech startup.
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