Canberk Beker is the Head of Growth at a thriving Software-as-a-Service business: Deepcrawl. The million-pound company (Series B funding: $19M) has developed a best-in-class technical Search Engine Optimisation platform.

Canberk first joined Deepcrawl as a Demand Generation Manager and completed nearly 200 projects in a short span of one year. This remarkable feat did not go unnoticed and he was thus officially named the ‘Most Valuable Person’ of Deepcrawl in 2021.

Earlier in his career, Canberk managed to take a tech startup to a successful exit as employee number one and led the global expansion of an Internet company in three European markets. He also worked with numerous scale-ups in the capacity of an independent consultant.

His expertise is focused on user experience, customer acquisition and retention, product management, marketing activation and growth architecture. In essence, Canberk is passionate about all things digital.

It is these experiences and talents that make him fully-equipped to help our team create and apply data-driven strategies for clients. Using modern marketing automation and analytics tools, we launch minimum viable products, gather valuable insights from real users and find ways to achieve rapid growth in the youth market.
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