Farnaz Mahootchi
Farnaz Mahootchi
Marketing Strategist
Farnaz Mahootchi is a Senior International Brand Manager at British American Tobacco, currently managing one of the top cigarette brands: Pall Mall (turnover: £10+ billion). 

She first joined British American Tobacco back in 2003. After nearly two successful decades at the company, Farnaz now leads five different brand teams and serves as a Board Member of the Women in British American Tobacco UK Network. Previously she was responsible for numerous other multi-billion pound brands, including Rothmans, Kent, Lucky Strike and Dunhill.

In her stellar career, Farnaz has developed marketing campaigns, brand building activities and new product offerings. A former Strategy, Planning and Insights Manager of British American Tobacco, she has also worked on an array of consumer research and segmentation projects to inform portfolio and brand strategies. 

Her efforts have consistently resulted in significant market share gains across many regions from Europe to Russia to South Asia.

At First Step Consulting, she draws on her expertise to help our clients create strong brand and marketing strategies and drive growth in the youth market.

Farnaz has an MBA from London Business School and a BSc in Computer Science.
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