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Outmanoeuvre the competition.
We monitor your competitors, analyse competitive threats and help you plan your next move with a clear strategy.
Competitor Analysis
Our projects start with an investigation of growth plans, business models, positioning strategies, product and services, revenue streams, M&A activities, R&D policies, capital structures, financial performance, strengths and weaknesses of your direct and indirect competitors.
Early Warning Scans
In addition, our consultants examine changes in the business landscape to anticipate disruptive future events, trends and antagonistic marketplace surprises. We then create detailed briefs to help foresee the next moves of your competitors.
Business Wargaming
We also have the proven ability to design and run interactive role-playing simulations that are used to predict how competitors may respond to your actions and changes in the market. We help you get into your competitor’s head and cultivate tactical thinking.
Competitive Positioning
Tying together all findings and projections, our consultants calibrate implementable strategies to increase your competitiveness. We help clients pre-empt major competitive threats, identify unmet market needs and capture new sources of strategic advantage.

Results you can expect

Competitive Advantage
Know your market inside out. Keep your competitive edge sharp.
Market Position
Accentuate what makes you different. Hold a unique position in the industry.
Market Share
Dodge harmful competition. Capture a greater share of your market.
Business Efficiency
Identify good practices in the industry and recognise areas for improvement.
  • Navigating the competitive landscape in the F&F sector
    A global corporation in the flavours and fragrances sector worked with our team to produce a 350-page report on its competitors.
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