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Measure the value you bring to patient care.
We help healthcare startups showcase the economic value of their medical products and technologies and attract investors.
Evidence Synthesis
We initially build a clear understanding of the transformational potential of medical technologies and products you develop. Our team reviews a myriad of academic papers, reports, databases and conference proceedings. 

Furthermore, we gather primary data by contacting healthcare professionals.
Patient Journey Mapping
After we collate our research findings, we engage in patient segmentation and map out a patient’s average journey of care from diagnosis to after-care.

By outlining the touchpoints a patient goes through in this journey, we explore how you could improve the patient experience and re-design care pathways.
Economic Impact Analysis
We then proceed to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of every relevant medical and administrative procedure. To quantify the economic value you create, we assess the likely impact of your solutions on patient care and produce detailed financial models that incorporate multiple scenarios.
Value Story Development
We also help you credibly communicate the potential of your medical technologies and products to key stakeholders, including investors. Our consulting teams detail how you build a successful business and what value you bring to healthcare providers and patients.

Results you can expect

Product Validation
Show the potential of your products and technology to change the healthcare system and patient lives.
Investor Support
Tell investors how you revolutionise healthcare and establish a profitable business at the same time.
Economic Impact
Find out how your technology and products can bring more economic value to the healthcare system.
Product Differentiation
Learn how to differentiate your medical products. Carve out your space in the market.
  • Beating cancer with cutting-edge technology
    A healthcare start-up was in need of assistance to estimate the potential economic impact of its proprietary cancer screening technology.
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