Christopher Kerr
Christopher Kerr has 10 years of experience in the legal industry after graduating from Nottingham Law School in 2011. He now works within the Executive team at Davitt Jones Bould, a national law firm specialising in real estate law.

Christopher specialises in leadership and management. He mentors CEOs and provides pro-bono management consultancy services to charities, social enterprises and other non-profits when they are in need of a turnaround. Christopher is also a columnist for the international men's publication, Sorted Magazine where he writes about leadership amongst other things.

His voluntary work is far-reaching, having worked with numerous nonprofits in the capacity of Director and Trustee. Recently, he co-founded Fit to Thrive, a start-up nonprofit organisation that, once operational, will help people who are most at risk of suffering from obesity and disease. This includes people who have suffered trauma and/or are below the poverty line.

Having initially joined our team to work on a strategy consulting project, Christopher has decided to stay with us and become a member of our Advisory Board to share his expertise with First Step Consulting.
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