Disrupting the American translation industry
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We worked with a technology-driven, ambitious translation company backed by angel investors.
Our client is on a mission to become the fastest language services provider in the world. They have developed a proprietary technology which is used to help translators complete tasks more quickly and efficiently.

The firm was about to enter the US market and the co-founders were confident that their pioneering technology would help them gain a foothold in the United States. Yet they were uncertain about how to capture a sizeable market share in this multi-billion dollar industry.
Our consulting team started the project by examining the US economy and the global translation industry. This allowed us to identify the languages commonly spoken in the USA and its main international trading partners and help the client connect with US-based translators and customers more successfully.

Further, we analysed forty eight major players in the US market, half of which were direct competitors of our client. Our consultants investigated further into the positioning strategies of these competitors and the particulars of their products and services.

We managed to discover typical price points and the average delivery times of each competitor. Through competitive analysis, we determined how our client can penetrate the US language services market whilst avoiding harmful competition.
We developed a go-to-market strategy and presented our recommendations on a variety of issues, ranging from finding corporate clients in the target market to hiring local professional translators.

The client said they actively used our report to set up their US operations. They are now established in the country. We have since begun three other consulting projects with clients referred to us by this language services provider.
Gozde Scholtz
Gozde Scholtz
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Farnaz Mahootchi
Farnaz Mahootchi
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