Launching an online marketplace for creatives
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We worked with an overseas business operating an online platform used by creatives to exhibit and sell their designs, get donations and find freelance jobs.
The platform had millions of users. It was high time to grow a presence in Britain. This would be possible only if the platform could attract the next generation of UK-based creative professionals. We worked with the client team to launch an integrated marketing campaign across multiple channels.
Given the fierce competition and sheer volume of noise in this market, it was evident that we had to follow a hyper-targeted approach in our campaign and form meaningful and authentic connections with the target audience.

For this reason, we initially worked to develop an intimate knowledge of young designers and artists living in the UK by gathering a wealth of information about their lifestyle habits, attitudes and needs.

We then planned a series of activities with a group of art and design students from London universities. This included graphic design competitions, launch parties in East London and on-campus events. Our team trained student brand ambassadors, engaged with university clubs and societies and enlisted micro influencers to cut through the content clutter.

In order to promote our client online, we used not only the most popular social media sites but also emerging platforms loved by creatives. For example, we managed to achieve great results by advertising our client's platform organically through community engagement on a trending voice and text chat app.
The campaign was launched right before the key Freshers period. In collaboration with our partners, we worked continuously to measure and optimise the campaign performance, run A/B tests on social media and maximise ROI on marketing spend.

The programme reached over half a million young people online and on the ground. The initial results far exceeded all targets set by the client. We were asked to keep the campaign live in term two. The number of UK-based creators on the platform has gone up from zero to twelve thousand.
Farnaz Mahootchi
Farnaz Mahootchi
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Bronte Culleton
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