Formulating a bold strategy to target young travellers
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We worked with a family-run business operating nine hotels in the Mediterranean countries, including Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Croatia.
There are approximately 350 million young travellers, accounting for a total spend of about $400 billion. Young people tend to travel more frequently and stay longer. Since the average UK resident spends more than £500 per visit abroad, our client wanted to attract a greater number of young British tourists.
Together with a group of young travel enthusiasts, we first analysed our client's image and communications strategy. At the same time, we started to carry out interviews to understand the expectations of young holidaymakers ― particularly those who travel with groups of friends. This was followed by a review of resort hotels located in European summer holiday destinations to learn from their marketing efforts.

The client agreed that a new brand and a year-long marketing campaign was required to reach its goals. Therefore, our focus was on building a modern brand identity in the second phase of our project.     

After charting a strategic direction for the project based on our research, we created mood boards to convey an initial visual concept and held workshops with the client team to discuss the progress. We then produced visual elements and a new website with creative designers.

In the final stage, our team devised a marketing plan and brought in partners to launch the campaign. This involved digital and guerrilla marketing activities.
The client reported a 40% increase in the number of British guests staying at its resort hotels on average and decided to open a new branch. We continue to actively cooperate with this hospitality group.
Gozde Scholtz
Gozde Scholtz
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Ahmet Topcuoglu
Ahmet Topcuoglu
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