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We worked with a food company producing great-tasting protein bars with no added sugar. Their target market is young fitness enthusiasts across the UK.
Nutrition bars loaded with protein have surged in popularity in recent years. But with so many options available in the market, the client was finding it hard to stand out. We were tasked to boost their brand awareness among young consumers.
Because the client had a limited budget, we needed a creative and efficient way to deliver on the project objectives. In the search for inspiration, a critical first step was to understand our client's target audience beyond demographics.

This required a mix of qualitative and quantitative research. In-store observations, shop-alongs and usage and attitude studies were used to collect data from hundreds of gym-goers. We then worked with a diverse group of young consumers to generate and validate ideas through co-creation sessions.

Our team advised the client to create free mobile sports games and start a new marketing campaign. The aim was to entice young people using mini games.

To ensure that a large number of consumers would actually download and play the games, we designed a unique incentive system, offering real-world prizes to players. This includes cash rewards and exclusive giveaways. Players earn more when they bring and compete against their friends or share their game scores on social media.

A full-service game development agency that is part of our alliance ecosystem produced the games and our consultants devised an advertising campaign.

In parallel with these efforts, we helped the client team improve their product packaging designs with the help of eye tracking technology. This enhanced the visual appeal of products. Plus, the firm decided to remove all health claims on packaging, since our research showed this could harm product sales.
Our client recorded a nearly 450% jump in branded search volume and a 20% surge in sales over a period of six months. They tell us that our work has helped them build affinity with young consumers. The firm has lately unveiled a new line of plant-based protein bars and continues to go from strength to strength.
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